The noted psychologist R.J.Sternberg, author of the Psychology of Love (1989) and Cupid’s Arrow: The Course of Love through Time(1998), developed a theory that explains all types of love relationships. To do this, h named eight types of love relationships, which he conceptualized in term of three basic components of love. The first component is intimacy. It refers to the emotional bond, connection, or closeness two people feel for each other. The second component, passion, refers to physical attraction and sexual chemistry that two people experience. The third component, decision/commitment, refers to the conscious decision people make when they realize they love someone or when they decide to commit to one person. For this assignment, select two relationships you have been portrayed in a movie or on television and develop a psychological analysis of them based on Sternberg’s theory. As you draft your essay, consider the following question: – What type of love does each relationship illustrate? – How does each relationship rely on the three components of love? -In what ways does this scientific model of love help to explain people’s relationship? – What aspects and defining qualities of people’s relationships get ignored or left out of Sternberg’s model? (this question is on page 298 of the book REMIX, third edition)

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