Roper v. Simmons, 543 U.S. 551 (2005)

Instructions for Final Project Written assignment ( Your paper should demonstrate your ability to locate a case on-line using the case name and the case citation. Your Paper should reflect your ability to read and understand a case and to communicate the contents of the opinion effectively. The Paper must contain the following sections: 1. Salient facts; 2. Procedural posture; 3. The issue or issues under consideration by the court; 4. The court’s analysis or reasoning for its decision; 5. The holding (or rule) of the case, including the language and meaning of the language used such as Affirmed, Reversed, Remanded, Modified, Vacated, etc. 6. Lasting effects from the Court’s decision (if applicable); 7. Was the Court’s decision fair? Fully discuss and explain your answer. Please note: You are NOT permitted to use “case briefs” as a reference source for your paper! “Case briefs” are not an acceptable reference for an academic paper. Rationale To locate a case by its citation; To identify five portions of the case; salient facts, procedural posture, issues presented, the holding of the court and the rationale or the reasoning used by the court in reaching its decision. No two students may write on the same topic. Students may not collaborate. Each paper should be between 8 and 10 pages long, double spaced typed in 12 point font, either Times New Roman or Arial, and comporting with the APA rules. The papers will be worth a maximum value of 100 points.

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