s a e 213 communication walter bector and sandy melos began detail work on automobil 4325048

S-A E  213(Communication)

Walter Bector and Sandy Melos began detail work on automobiles as a hobby. First, they used a mail-order kit to add “pin striping” to their own cars, a 1968 Mustang and a 1970 GTO Judge, respectively. Then Walter added more flourishes, including his name. Sandy practiced painting flames on his Judge. Gradually, their cars became recognized around town and others began to ask them to add a flourish here or there to their cars. They were talked into attending a “muscle car” show in a nearby large city to show off their cars. They had more requests for work than they could handle. Now, they are considering quitting their other jobs and making this a permanent business. Sandy, for example, turns down more jobs than he accepts and still gets more requests every week.

Walter and Sandy are unsure how to proceed. They like the idea of a partnership, but they only know they work well together—things like how to split payment have just been settled individually for each job, depending on which one did more work. Walter’s father suggests a written partnership agreement. Walter disagrees. He believes that it will spoil the whole arrangement by reducing it to words.


Write a brief note to Walter explaining why he needs a partnership agreement.

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