SABIC Company in Saudi Arabia

Choose a Saudi or Middle Eastern company ( You can use SABIC Company as a Saudi company Example )and answer the following questions: 1. Examine the performance of your chosen company in relation to the following four characteristics of successful strategies. a. Clear, consistent, long-term objectives. b. Profound understanding of the environment. c. Objective appraisal of resources d. Effective implementation 2. Review the figure 2.3 from your textbook ( A link of the textbook attached ) and the relative text about Porter’s five forces of competition framework and assess the power of each of five forces on your chosen company by answering the following questions: a. What is the level of competition in your company’s industry? b. How easy is it to find an alternative to your company’s products and services? c. How powerful are your company’s buyers and suppliers? d. What’s the threat of new businesses starting in this industry? General instructions: 1- Please develop a well-organized essay including ( Abstract, keywords, body (including logical and analytical examples & each points of the assignment questions will be the heading and sub-headings of the essay), a summarized, logical and convincing conclusion, and finally a reference page)

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