Topic: Safety Precaution in Hotel Property

Organization: Pick one in the US (Top Hotel)

submit your final plan discussing the issue or problem you identified in week one within your organization, the research and analysis of the issue/problem and the solutions. You will utilize the milestone assignments you have completed, integrating the feedback you have received from your instructor and peers throughout the term. Note: This is a good time to confirm your appointment with your supervisor. Your final Project plan will contain at least the following sections: a statement of the problem, a research plan, including the secondary sources as well as data to support the problem and potential solutions, the timeline you followed what you discovered in your research of the problem the solution you proposed (including financial considerations of implementation). Final thoughts on the process and your research and findings Your final project will be evaluated on the following criteria: Articulation of the policy and problem (PO 1) 10% Application of Evidence and Theory (PO2) 10% Evaluation of ethical theory behind the creation of the policy (PO5) 10% Synthesis and Evaluation of Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence (e.g., surveys, interviews, statistics, etc.) (PO3) 10% Examination of court decisions, laws, and/or cases related to the policy (PO4) 10% Implications of constitutional decisions related to the policy (PO4) 10% Discussion of solutions to the problem/issue (PO2) 10% Evaluation of the role of ethics within the proposed solutions. (PO5) 10% Audience and Organization (10%) This plan should follow the work you have done all term and be approximately 15-20 pages in length and presented in APA format. 

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