School Improvement Plan

Candidates will develop a school improvement plan. Create and develop a comprehensive school improvement plan for a failing school involving teachers, faculty and community stakeholders based on the following: the need to improve student achievement in a subject of your choice. The need for improvement should be based on student achievement from data of an actual school and be sure to include the school and community demographics. Your school improvement plan must include the following components under their own headings, you may add others if you wish. This assignment requires candidates to use of the William Cecil Golden, School Leadership Development Program as they research this issue. a) Introduction b) Organizational Vision – Develop and state your Vision/Mission/Belief Statements based on William C. Golden resources modules c) Positive school culture – Show how you will examine various positive indicators including the school’s diversity within the school culture. (ELCC 2.1) d) Plan of Action – List the current academic weaknesses demonstrated by certain populations of the students. (show data from state and federal assessments to support these identified weaknesses) Show how you will examine performance data of all students and indicate how you plan to address identified weaknesses. Show how your plan will give adequate time for improvement to occur. ELCC 3.1 e) Assessment Survey – Develop and administer an assessment survey for Staff. In addition, Show how you will assist staff to involve Parents and community more in teaching and learning. ELCC 3.2 f) Action Plan – Develop a detailed Action Plan for Improvement which includes student achievement, utilizing all resources available. Show how you will seek creative resources to improve teaching and learning. Include in your plan, how you will deal with Safe and Orderly School Environment. ELCC 3.3 g) Discuss how you plan to evaluate your plan and how often.

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