This is a group project. You need to do the segmentation analysis part for the supermarket “Farm Boy.” You should write about online shopping. Below you can find the instructions. It should be 3 pages with double spaced. Name of Company/Organization: Farm Boy Website URL (if applicable): In 3 sentences or less, describe the marketing problem / opportunity facing this organization, which you intend to address in your analysis: 1) Farm Boy’s customer base is currently limited to those willing to shop in person, we can expand their customer base by introducing an online shopping and pickup/delivery option, allowing busier customers the opportunity to shop with farm boy. Segmentation Analysis Part: Define the overall market. – Discuss your SEGMENTATION GRID included in an appendix (i.e., segmentation approaches/variables). – Identify and describe primary and secondary target market segments. – Provide a rationale for choosing some segments as “primary” and others as “secondary.” – Discuss whether the market segments meet the requirements for effective segmentation (remember to discuss how they differ with respect to the marketing mix elements). -Discuss your PERCEPTUAL MAP included in an appendix. – Discuss how well or how poorly the focal firm/brand/product is positioned in the market. – Does the firm have a competitive advantage in the segments you identified? If so, what is the nature of that advantage? -Cite your information sources appropriately.

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