The adolescent is the stage where an individual develops from a child to an adult. There are a lot of changes and challenges during this stage since a person struggles to realize his real identity. Adolescent stage determines the rest of individual life, and therefore caregivers must offer enough support for the process of transformation to be a success. A person tries different things and activities in with the hope of acquiring a role in the society, realizing abilities and potentials. The response a person receives while trying out activities determines the level of self-esteem that will be possessed for the rest of life. Low self-esteem restricts a person from stretching out and becoming more creative in life which should never be encouraged at the stage of adolescence. Therefore, caregivers must intervene and ensure children emerge from the scene with increased self-esteem to give them a better innovative future.

Use of praise and congratulating children when they carry out tasks correctly is a right way of increasing the self-esteem of an adolescent. It, therefore, calls for close watch tom children while in this critical stage to guide them through the right path. Praise should not be overdone since raising self-esteem too high is also harmful to the children. Compliments and a feel of accomplishment impact the way children see themselves throughout the rest of their lives. Children must also be corrected in a careful way when they make mistakes to avoid lowering their self-esteem. Parents and caregivers must always concentrate more on the positives than the negatives. By encouraging a child to do more positive the ill behavior automatically diminish without affecting their self-esteem.

Lastly, Proper communication with adolescents is essential to impact positively on their self-esteem. Showing children that their opinions also matter makes them feel they are needed and are crucial elements of the family. Communication is enhanced by creating a comfortable environment for children to share their struggles in life and creating solutions for them. Caregivers can also share things about their experiences with the adolescents who will encourage them to open up. Self-esteem intervention for adolescents is therefore significant to the betterment of their future.

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