Sermon Construction and Presentation

Sermon Construction and Presentation

Paper details:

Please read all the 11 lessons that were provided for you, select those that you find most valuable to answer these questions, and put together a paper summarizing key lessons you’ve learned and are committed to putting into practice. • Firstly, as a way to study and prepare yourself. Read through your notes, pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading, and select the things that you find most valuable to put into practice in the short and long term. • Secondly, put together a paper explaining your educated arguments and reasons for your preaching practice. Requirements: • Length: 800-1,000 words o One page double-spaced is 250 words. Length: 3-4 pages. Content: • The paper should show that you have identified key lessons of the course. • The paper should show that the course has encouraged you to prepare a practical plan with the goal be efficient in your ministry. • The paper should show the ways that this course has affected your thinking and impacted your leadership goals. • The paper should show your level of commitment to be the minister that fears God when preparing and exposing His Word.



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