The purpose of this assignment is to survey the current scholarly literature related to your topic (SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH). You have chosen your topic and refined your thesis statement (SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH LEADS TO A PROVEN DECREASE IN SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE). Now you will survey resources related to your topic and thesis. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to evaluate the quality and relevance of research sources. An annotated bibliography includes a list of research sources along with a brief paragraph (usually about 150 words) describing and evaluating the source. The description is called the annotation. For this assignment, you will review and annotate three credible, scholarly resources. Each source should include the following: An APA Style formatted reference for the source A short (150 words) paragraph describing the contents of the research article and explaining the author’s main ideas, or findings, in the case of a research study Use APA Style and include a title page.

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