Signature assessment : “ANCHOR” chart

This assignment will encompass all of Chapter 18. Your objective for this assignment is to create your very own “ANCHOR” chart. Use the knowledge you have acquired within this chapter to create a document you can use to guide your journey as an instructional coach. Some questions to consider: What components from your learning within this chapter will assist you to be the best PIRATE you can be? How can you use this chart on a daily basis to lead your students, teachers, and school to success? How can this chart benefit others and how might you share it with your team? Be sure to use the “Cannonballs to Avoid” within your document as well. I think these are good reminders of the parameters to ensure the “ANCHOR” chart actually works as intended. As with all the assignments, you are free to use whatever format you would like to present this; however, I encourage you to create something you can look at quickly to be reminded of the content. I honestly would prefer it NOT be a paper unless that’s what you are most comfortable with. I’m just not sure that will be beneficial for you in the future. Create something you can share with staff, something you can hang on the wall, and something you will truly utilize. NOTE: You do NOT have to use the acronym ANCHOR. Create something new that works for you, your school, and/or your position.

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