Social contractarian

Assuming that you are a social contractarian, and agree that a society arises from a social contract in which we provide our voluntary consent and the state provides us with a large array of goods and services, does a political society get dissolved if some citizens one day decide to withdraw their consents? (Think of the Not My President slogan in 2016 or Occupy Wall Street in 2011.) Are such activists then not required to obey the laws of the state, and does the state lose all jurisdiction over them, especially once they express this dissent in a public forum? State your premises and your conclusions, and explain your arguments by using some examples. Be sure to explain the notions of explicit, tacit, and hypothetical consent It must also include an attempt to construct an argument, some explanation of the basic concepts of the theory, and it should not just be a rehashing or a copy/paste from some website. The paper should be written for a generally informed audience, and not just for your TAs or the instructor.

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