Social media addiction and psychological adjustment: religiosity and spirituality in the age of social media

For your third paper, select either the previous article (if you find it suitable for your project after reading it) or an additional research article in the area of your interest (relevant for your final paper), briefly summarize its content, and note the specific issue(s) relevant for research from a psychological, emotional, and/or health standpoint. The points (issues, concerns) you focus on could be theoretical and conceptual aspects; design of study and its methodology; importance of results for treatment/interventions or for further research; significance of research for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, or for policy-making; and/or direction the field is moving. You may also add a different category to critique (make it explicit, though). Please note that references to “generalization” of results might not be applicable in research of religiosity and spirituality. In critiquing, select one or two areas or focus on your own one or two categories for critiquing the research. Throughout the paper, use your critical thinking skills while keeping in mind how this research relates to your proposal. Minimum 1.5 pages. Due 9/30. Grading: Each paper will receive a maximum of three (3) points, depending on how well you pay attention to instructor’s feedback, which needs to be incorporated into your subsequent papers. Papers without incorporated feedback will be marked down by one (1) point. Papers that do not demonstrate use of critical thinking; lack clearly defined goal, aim or purpose; or wander out of the scope of the theme or requirements will be marked down by 1 or 2 points. Late papers will not be accepted, hence plan your academic work accordingly. Idea for your consideration: Paper 3 could be part of your final project. Keep in mind, however, that the corrected paper will need to be sensitively incorporated into the flow of your writing and that the way you think about writing summary and critique might be changing throughout the semester.

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