Social media and product promotion

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze how companies use social media channels to promote their products and gain competitive advantage. For this assignment, you will assume the role of a marketing team member for your favorite product. Your job is select three channels of social promotion that can be used to promote the product. You will need to consider the social channels that are most likely to reach customers within the product’s target market. Additionally, you should be able to explain how the use of your selected social channels can help the organization achieve competitive advantage. For each of the channels you select, you will need to create the promotional piece you will use to promote the product. For example, if you decide to use a website to promote the product, you will need to include a mockup of the website home page. If you decide to use Facebook, then you will need to include a mockup of the Facebook post, etc. You will submit these as screenshots housed within a Word document. Along with the screenshots of your social marketing channel content, include a paragraph that addresses the following for each submission. Explain why selection of this social channel will reach the product’s target market. Discuss how the content of your message will help the product gain competitive advantage within the target market.

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