Social work theory and methods


On completion of this module students should be able to:1. Develop a critical understanding of a range of different Social Work theories and methods.2. Demonstrate the ability to apply a range of social work theories and methods in the context of working in a social work role with children, young people and adults who are service users or carers.3. Distinguish between different Social work theories, perspectives, models and methods of intervention within the context of professional values and inter-professional practice. 4. Evaluate social work theories, models and methods from the perspectives of practitioners, other professionals, service users and carers. Assignment Brief: The module is assessed by a 2,500 word assignment which should demonstrate the learning outcomes 1-4. A mark of at least 40% needs to be achieved in order to pass the module. Assignment question: Assess the strengths and limitations of one method of intervention, and consider how it can be applied to working with a character from the case study. also you can choose any case studies which ever is easier for you please use relevant sources , also please read the instructions carefully, i have also attached my old paper and the feedback i received from t so please read it to understand

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