This is a paper that is focusing on the social workers advocate for human practice policy practice. The paper also provides question to analyse in writing the assignment paper.

Social workers advocate for human practice policy practice

The  purpose of this paper is to focus on policy practice. You will need to investigate an advocacy organization to learn more about how social workers advocate for human rights and social and economic justice through policy advocacy. In addition, you will explore Federal laws (acts passed as laws by Congress or Supreme Court rulings) and make connections between the Federal law (which is a policy) and the advocacy organization (which is trying to shape policy). And finally, you will provide an example a policy advocacy activity that a social work student (or anyone for that matter!) could participate in. Below are some specific directions to guide you as you write this paper.

Social workers advocate for human practice policy practice

For this paper you will need to: 1. Firstly, choose an advocacy organization (see list of possible options below). Summarize who this organization is working to help and what problems this organization addresses.

Provide a brief history of the social issue or concerns that lead to the creation of this organization. Include the official web site this organization uses.

2. Secondly, identify at least three specific policy issues this organization currently advocates for OR past issues this organization has advocated for either successfully or not. Identify specific Federal laws (acts of Congress or Supreme Court rulings ) that this organization is advocating for or against. These laws may be current or past.

3. Thirdly, describe the advocacy tactics this organization uses and the specific ways in which this organization advocates for people.

4. Fourthly, describe one advocacy activity a student could do to promote policy change. Describe how this activity could be helpful. (Who is the target of the activity and why).

This paper will likely need to be 3-5 pages in order to include the detail necessary to address each of the above areas. You will be graded on content as well as professional writing style (free from typos, correct grammar, logical flow, APA format, etc.) I would like this to be done on the organization: Every Child Matters

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