Software solution for American Video Game Company

CRM proposal


Paper details:

Review the attached “CRM Requirements” to gain an overall understanding of the system that American Video Game Company is looking for. Then propose a software solution for American Video Game Company by doing the following: A. Introduce your proposed system, including a purpose statement, overview of the problem, goals and objectives for the project and solution, prerequisites, scope, and environment, as outlined in the attached “Design Template.” Note: The Introduction section of this report may be done after the project task is completed. B. Explain how your software solution addresses five distinct requirements from the attached “CRM Requirements.” C. Discuss the waterfall method by doing the following: 1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the waterfall method to those of the Agile development method 2. Evaluate whether the waterfall method or the Agile development method is better suited to the solution for American Video Game Company, including specific examples to justify your claims. D. Create two visual representations of your software solution (e.g., storyboard, flowchart, UML diagram, ERD) that illustrate how the system process or workflow aligns with and supports the business process for American Video Game Company. E. Create a test plan with test cases for three different functional aspects of your software solution, including the following: • preconditions for each test case • steps for each test case • expected results for each test case F. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

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