Special Senses

The special senses help us communicate with our environment. A special sense is one that has a specific organ associated with it, like the nose, tongue, ear and eye. The special senses consist of smell, taste, hearing, balance and vision. Instructions: Based on what your last name starts with, use the key listed below to identify what your assigned special sense is for this discussion: MY Last Name Starts With K. Need to do the SMELL. Last name starts with A-I = Hearing Last name starts with J-R = Smell Last name starts with S-Z = Vision Based on your assigned special sense answer the following questions: Describe your special sense in regards to the anatomy and physiology of it. Now assume in an emergency situation like a fire, explain how the loss of your special sense would aid in an advantage compared to the other groups. Explain your reasoning. In this same scenario, how would the loss of your special sense put you at a disadvantage compared to the other groups? Explain your reasoning. Explain how you would adapt to the emergency situation using the remainder of your intact senses. Be specific.

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