This assignment requires you to explain why someone or something is worth celebrating. Must be a fictional character and must be 5-7 mins. Pay special attention to how we use different language devices (e .g., metaphor, antithesis) to help paint a picture for the audience. Be sure to practice your speech to allow you to speak with conviction and sincerity. Choose a person or event that you can talk about for 5-6 minutes. Your instructor may deduct points if you are over/under the time limit.


Keep in mind the basic parameters of what your instructor wants you to focus on for your speech. In preparing a commemorative speech, consider the attitudes of your audience to ultimately focus on why the individual or event is worthy of praise. You may need toconsider how to overcome indifference toward an individual/event if the audience has negative or neutral feelings toward the occasion.



1.     Introduction. Your introduction should have a captivating, attention-
getting device that reveals the topic and establishes your credibility leading to a preview statement of the main points to be covered in the body of the speech.

2.     Organization. The main ideas should clearly connect to the central idea ­using an appropriate organizational pattern and transitional statements. The conclusion should summarize your main points and contain meaningful closing remarks.

3.     Supporting Materials.  Include a variety of supporting materials such as brief examples, extended examples, peer testimony, expert testimony.

4.     Language. Your language should be vivid and have a sense of rhythm that captivates the audience and is appropriate to the topic.  

5.     Delivery. Speak clearly and accurately. Be sure that you know how to pronounce every word of your speech. In doubt, find out. Use your body and gestures to enhance the audience’s listening experience.

6.     Preparation outline supports verbal message, including resources used in a bibliography. You are required to turn in an outline for your presentation that may be due before you give it in class. Your instructor may have requirements about notes that you may use during your speech.    

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