Project A: Applied Sport Psychology Magazine or Journal Article Choose one topic from the psychological skills training section of the book that you find interesting: arousal regulation (chapter 12), imagery (chapter 13), self-confidence (chapter 14), goal setting (chapter 15), attention or concentration (chapter 16). (Textbook: Foundations of sport and exercise psychology 6th edition– Robert S. Weinberg and Danial Gould) You are going to write an applied article on your chosen topic for a specific newsletter or magazine related to a sport or physical activity of your choice. You will need to select a specific newsletter or magazine (e.g., Golf World, Cycle World, Tennis).Along with your article, you will need to turn in a copy of an article out of the actual newsletter or magazine. The format of your article should be similar to those in the actual newsletter or magazine. Be creative: Include graphics and diagrams, get the reader’s attention with quotes, and create a catchy title. Your article should include approximately four to five pages of text (the length will depend somewhat on how you format your article). The key for your article is to present the information on your topic so that readers can understand the information and can apply it to their specific sport or physical activity. Be sure to include good content (the basics of the topic you are presenting) and ideas for how this information can be applied to specific situations (using examples is a good idea).

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