Spotlight (2015) movie review

Write reaction paper (4-6 pages) that incorporates answers the following focus questions 1) What are some of the signs and sequelae of trauma you observed in the characters in this film? 2) Discuss the sociocultural, political, and institutional context in which the traumatic episodes portrayed in the film are experienced. How do you think that context interacted with the individual response(s) to psychological trauma? 3) Each of these films includes a portrayal of complex trauma: at least one character who has experienced multiple traumatic episodes and/or overlapping traumatic events that occur within the story. Discuss how the experience of complex trauma affects the characters in the film (vs. how they may have experienced a single traumatic episode). 4) Choose one character from the film and discuss one potential treatment approach you could take with this individual as a counselor. Be sure to explain your rationale for why you chose that approach, incorporating your responses to the previous questions.

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