State Diaspora Relationships

An ethnographic field report about the role of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants with the Lebanese Diaspora. For example, studying what are the the structure and functions of the ministry, what is the policy of the ministry, what are their activities: social, culture, political, how they implement their activities and engage the Lebanese diaspora, how the Lebanese government and the diaspora will interact and engage with each other, Engagement with the diaspora politically, & the impact of voting in the parliamentary election, The Lebanese diaspora and its relations with the homeland, The Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference (LDE) in Lebanon, Community development and the role of Lebanese migrants originating from these communities in the process, Integration of return migrants and the challenges they face, including identity clashes, class mobility and status change etc. what is required is to: write a literature review about the state diaspora relationship. I will add some links that can be used in the literature review, but please work also on using other links and focus very well on the articles written by Alan Gamble and identify the gaps in the literature review. Again, in the field report I am seeking to study what are the set of laws and policies of the ministry? Describing their structure. How policy changed over the years? What are the bureaucratic? what the activity of ministries in the future Effects of diaspora in Lebanon

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