Statement of Research Problem and Working Outline

 Description Statement of Research Problem and Working Outline 1. Write an introductory paragraph that introduces your research topic, discuss the topic in general terms and conclude the paragraph with a clearly stated research question or statement of research problem that demonstrates the following: deterministic or cause and effect logic, inclusion/exclusion, specific disciplinary applications, and the “so what” question”. 2. Convey the Project’s conceptual structure via a well-organized outline. See “Preparing a Working Outline” handout for a useful set of notes related to building an outline. Instructions By the above due date you are to have submitted to me a clear statement of your now approved topic at the conclusion of a well-written introductory paragraph. To date, I have provided you with feedback to help you do this. You will also submit a working outline. It will be most helpful for you and me that, at this time, the outline’s elements be described in full sentences rather than fragments. In short, describe what each segment (i.e., numbered and lettered parts) of the outline aims to accomplish. Eventually, your outline will become a Table of Contents but, for now, I insist that your working outline represent a comprehensive description of how you will approach the analysis of your statement of research problem and organization of your Project. Finally, as part of this assignment (, you will also be submitting an APA formatted cover page, an abstract, and your reference page (see APA handoutPreview the document for specific directions). In preparing this submission you will submit the following as one file: 1. An APA formatted cover page 2. An APA formatted abstract or executive summary page 3. An introductory paragraph (on its own page) 4. A working outline (beginning on its own page) 5. A References page (beginning on its own page) Please contact me before the due date if you have any questions or concerns regarding these instructions. Submit your work as a MS-Word file or as a pdf file. Be sure to provide both in-text and reference citations in APA format for ALL sources utilized. Late assignment ( will receive a one point deduction per each day late.

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