Task 2 – Future challenges (Max 750 words) (20% Mark)


Task 2 – Future challenges  (Max 750 words) (20% Mark)


You assume that you are going to be a junior operations manager in a manufacturing organisation with global networking (this may be the one that you have selected in task 1 or may be different one) and are faced with number of different challenges that need to overcome using appropriate set(s) of solutions. You are faced with number of different challenges. There are a range of possible solutions for each of the challenges (see table). You need to select ONLY ONE of the challenges and identify the more appropriate solution(s) for this challenge (see table).  You are expected to critically analyse the challenge as a contemporary issue in current global environment and also evaluate the role of as many of these solutions as possible. This means considering the possible synergies and trade – offs between solutions and also WHY you believe they are the right solutions. These solutions come in different formats as philosophy, strategy, tool or technique that are presented in the following table. 


The critical evaluation includes underpinning theories and strategies extracted from sufficient up to date peer reviewed academic journal articles as theoretical background and analysing real world examples and cases (including but not limited to the organisation of your choice). The theories and strategies must be referred but not limited to those that have already been taught during this semester.

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