Teaching Social Skills with Language

Based on the game described below for first and second grade students with autism explain how you will teach speech, language and communication along with the social skills of being patience, taking turns, communicating with peers How can that skill be woven into your existing curriculum? Give an example of a lesson that you can add social skills to. How is teaching social skills an expectation based on the NYS Teaching Standards and Elements? Assignment Guidelines The assignment should be between 1-2 pages in length and address a social skill that students at your grade level/content area need to be taught. How are you going to integrate social skills into your lessons? Discuss how social skills are expected to be addressed in the classroom based on the NYS Teaching Standard and Elements. Below is the game: What’s in the Bag? Target age group: Preschool through second grade, small group of children with autism Objective: To reinforce the skill of asking appropriate questions. Materials needed: • Opaque fabric bag • 10 small, easily-identifiable objects, such as a block, a pencil, a paperclip, etc. Instructional strategy: 1. Start by discussing the reasons people ask questions, such as maintaining a conversation or gathering information. 2. Explain that you are going to play a guessing game with the class. 3. Place an object in the bag and tie it closed. Pass the bag around, allowing each child to feel the object through the fabric. 4. After everyone has had a turn, have the children ask for information or guess the contents of the bag by asking questions. 5. Repeat with another object. Accommodations for nonverbal children: Have pictures of all the items in the bag and require the child to tap you to gain your attention, then give you the picture representing the object. http://autism.lovetoknow.com/Free_Lesson_Plans_for_Autistic_Kids

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