Teaching Writing in EFL Context and Saudi Context A

Write a literature review on the topic “teaching writing in EFL context”. Discuss and argue studies and articles that investigate teaching writing in EFL context, especially the EFL Saudi context. Also, discuss the studies that use technology to teach English writing. Examine these studies and what strategies they use to teach writing. Also, try to find out what the previous literature say about the best ways to teach English writing and if there are any strategies or principles that prove effective and why and how they are effective in improving students’ English writing. Please, use studies and articles no later than 2013 and the more recent, the better. I also would like you to use academic language and pay attention to grammar and structure. When using references, mention the page number along with the reference last name and year of publication. Although I require APA style, I would like the page number of references used to be mentioned. You should use 18-20 references/studies, if not more. Use critical writing skills and try to argue, but do not summerise.

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