Term Paper

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Term paper:

Should include the following –

  1. Cover page: Name, date, course name and number, title of topic
  2. Conflict of Interest: I [potentially could] have a conflict of interest in this topic because: I believe in XYZ, I benefit from XYZ, I have been impacted by this in my personal life, I have faced legal charges because of this law, etc. As an engineer/scientist I acknowledge and disclose my conflict of interest willingly and will try to remain as objective as possible within this report.
  3. Introduction (1 – 2 pages): Provide brief introduction and background to this topic. Why is it an ethical dilemma? What are the different sides of this issue? Are there any current events or widely known instances of this event occurring? Make sure to include references (preferably scholarly articles, if using news media as references then try and be as unbiased as possible)
  4. Analysis (1.5 – 3 pages): Discuss the insights gained from applying the concepts to the selected topic
  5. Conclusion (0.5 – 1 page): Briefly state your findings of your analysis from the different sides of the analysis. You do not have to write what side you agree with you. If you want to, by all means go for it, but the purpose of this paper is to analyze an ethical issue, not choose sides. This is not a persuasive paper.
  6. References: Any of the available citation formats allowed. Must stay consistent with the citation format for all references.

The rest of the chapters will be uploaded later as I can not upload more.

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