The Benefits of Combustion Engines

The Audience is mechanical engineering students. PLEASE FOLLOW THE SAME FORMAT AS BELLOW Final Report Format and Requirements: Front Matter Include a title page that has a descriptive title and your name, including your e-mail. It must also state the title clearly so that an audience can understand immediately what you are addressing ( — for instance, is it feasible to open a Neiman Marcus store in Fort Collins?) Include an executive summary that clearly states the problem you are addressing, summarizes the solution(s) you are suggesting, summarizes the plan you wish to replace (if you are replacing a current plan), and summarizes the evidence that supports your solution(s). This is a complete wrap-up of your report findings, including your conclusions and recommendations. Include a table of contents that lists headings and subheadings exactly as they are found in the report body. Include a list of tables and a list of figures/illustrations. Report Body Content The report body should run in the neighborhood of 10 double-spaced pages, depending upon your project. You will need at least seven sources for your report. When citing sources, use a citation style that is consistent and appropriate to your discipline: APA, MLA, etc. We worry less about the style than a citation and accurate information. Report Body top of page header (for page numbers and title info) — Each page of the body of your report should have a header that contains an abbreviated title for your report, your last name, and an Arabic page number (all flush right). Indicate the organization within your report by using headings and subheadings. Make sure that headings at the same level are written in parallel form. Also, make sure that headings at the same level are consistently placed on the page (i.e., centered, flush left, indented, etc.). If you use underlining, italics, or boldface to indicate heading level, make sure you use it consistently. Organize the body content into these sections with headings over each, packaging it for reader convenience.

1. Describe the problem/issue you hope to fix/improve/solve (what will your solutions fix?). 2. Describe your possible solution/plan in sufficient detail — remember, your reader must grasp what you propose but likely has little knowledge of your goals. Introduce as much existing knowledge about both the problem and your solution as necessary to satisfy the readers’ needs. 3. Provide the criteria (at least three) that you evaluated/considered with regard to the problem and your solution. Discussions might include areas such as technological feasibility, economic practicality, social desirability and ecological soundness. 4. Discuss the conclusions you have drawn — if you made an analysis, how/what did you find? Show the reader how you drew your conclusions. Given the criteria you evaluated, what can we make of your solution? (It’s fine, by the way, to learn that your solution will not work — that has no bearing on your grade). 5. Make recommendations based on your conclusions. This may be different from your conclusions. — You might find that a project/solution could work — would be feasible in other words — given the criteria you evaluated. But for whatever reason, you recommend against adopting it. Perhaps social desirability supports your solution now but clearly won’t in five years. Throughout the body of your report, attempt to avoid jargon and overly technical terms. Where appropriate, use graphics and tables to supplement your text. Back matter You should have a page titled references, in which you will list the sources you used in your report (articles, books, interviews, etc.). At minimum, your report must include at least seven credible sources, two of which must be scholarly in nature (i.e., from a peer-reviewed source). You must include at least one appendix (e.g., supplemental content such as an interview transcript, spreadsheet of data, additional tables or figures, etc.). If you are unsure what to include, consider what you might offer to help your intended audience understand your message.

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