This is a paper that is focusing on the connection between an advertisement and rhetorical context. The paper also provides an additional description to use in writing the assignment paper.

The connection between an advertisement and rhetorical context

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Write an essay of 750-950 words (roughly 3-4 pages) in which you use one or more advertisements to explore the connection between an advertisement and its specific rhetorical context. You will select between one and three advertisements from a single campaign, treating it/them as products of a specific social, political, cultural, and/or ideological context. Focus in particular on the relationship between the specific context under investigation, and how your ad(s) sought to conform to the expectations and constraints of its intended audience.

This requires that you: Describe the historical context. You will need to do research to support your historical framing. Identify the organization responsible for the ad campaign, and provide some basic background information about them. Identify the target audience (in Tag’s terminology, “The Who” (23) for the ad) and describe how their beliefs, attitudes, and values were likely shaped by their particular relation to the contexts you have identified. Analyze how your organization sought to conform to their historical situation (in Tag’s terminology, “The What”). How did they adapt, or fail to adapt, to the relevant contexts you identify? Explain in general terms what advertisers faced with similar contextual demands today can learn from your case study.

You may use an advertisement of any medium. You MUST INCLUDE a copy of, or a link to, the advertisement(s). Your paper MUST ALSO INCLUDE proper in-text citations (parenthetical citations or footnotes are fine, just be consistent). Also, a properly format bibliography with at least 5 reputable academic sources. (i.e., sources that you find though the library, not an internet search) that reflect your research. You MUST ALSO cite your advertisements, but they do not count as sources.

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