The Design History of Safety Razor

Topic: The Design History of Safety Razor


Writing: Your essay should answer the following questions:


           What were the first examples of your object type? Did it emerge in one particular place and time, or are there many different variations of this type of object across cultures?


           Based on the scholarly research you have done, what are 3-5 important moments within the history of this object? Why are they significant? Resist the temptation to provide a list of all possible variations. Instead, go into depth about what development you think are the most significant.


           To help you answer the above questions, consider what problem(s), activity, technology, material, or social issue, etc. caused your object to be invented and develop over time. In other words, what was/is the cultural context of your object type? Why was it invented and why has it changed over time? How has its design responded to the culture(s) in which it was created and used?


           Remember that the facts you present are important and need to come from reputable research sources, and you should also be interpretive. Do not just present a series of facts – interpret the significance of those facts as well.



Essay should have at least 5 scholarly research sources.

Feel free to Google any info, images, tables and properly cite them.


Details recommendation

Gillette is playing major role in Razor industry. Please write a lot of about Gillette and fit them to each question.


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