The European Economy

Politicians and their teams prepare speeches for public events, such as electoral campaigns, interviews (on TV, in the newspapers, radio…) or prepare campaign ads to disseminate his policies or plans for cities, States or the EU. Imagine you have to prepare a speech, an interview, or a political campaign that explains the policy of a politician. That politician can be either a current Member of the European Parliament or one current candidate for the European Parliament. Using information on her/his political party (both national and European) and representing country and region, write an essay on ONE policy (migration, fiscal policy, CAP, trade policies, labour market policies…) You will have to present your politician’s view from an economic perspective. That is, you will have to use economic concepts and/or models to explain the position on the issue you have chosen. You are expected to do your own research on the politician, political party, country/region, as well as on the policies under discussion. Finally, you will have to give a short statement (around 300 words) to convince citizens (a broad an non-academic audience) that the position of your politician regarding the issue of your choice is the most beneficial for them. No lies allowed.

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