This is a paper that is focusing on the euthanasia chronic disease ethical and legal issue. The paper also provides various questions to answer while writing the assignment paper.

The euthanasia chronic disease ethical and legal issue

The subject of the paper I want written is about euthanasia for those with chronic diseases. Choose an ethical or legal issue encountered in potential palliative or hospice care settings. Research the topic for legal or ethical law or code of practice guidelines. Also, look for evidenced based practice guidelines on the topic. Use these guidelines to structure your paper: Introduction briefly describe the topic.

If broad, then zero in on a specific area to be discussed. Why is this topic considered to be an issue? Use recent statistics to explain the importance and current impact of your topic. Clearly explain the purpose of your paper. What will be discussed? Which side of the issue will you support? Summary of the Issue Explain the various sides of the issue and why opposing views exist. Have any of these views changed over time? Why or why not? Give examples throughout your discussion. Incorporate current research in your discussion. Subsequently, describe major strength and limitation of the current research related to your issue. Explore the economic, political, legal, ethical and also religious dimensions of the issue as they apply to your issue.

The euthanasia chronic disease ethical and legal issue

Approaches by Health Care providers Briefly explain the ethical decision making process, using specific resource. Describe how each step of the ethical decision-making process applies to your issue. Explain how each of the major ethical principles related to your issue (Autonomy, Beneficence, Justice, Nonmaleficence). What approaches do specific health care providers (including nurse) use related to your issue? Provide examples. Why do the healthcare providers use specific approaches? What internal and also external forces affect these approaches? Personal Reaction to Issue Clearly explain your reaction to the issue (your position). Describe your rationale for your position. Also, use resources to support your position.

Additionally, explain why each of the opposing viewpoints is not a valid argument. Action you would take if confronted with issue Explain what you would do from a nurse’s perspective if confronted with the issue. Subsequently, what ethical-decision-making process would you use and why? How would your actions support the safety of patients and the standards of nursing care? Also, explain what you would do from a personal perspective if confronted with the issue and your rationale. Conclusion Briefly reiterate the importance of the issue. Summarize the main points. Grammar, Format, References, Organization Use current APA guidelines throughout the paper. Lastly, make sure grammar and spelling are correct throughout paper. Cite and reference resources correctly. Paper should be organized and flow smoothly from idea to another, clear and concise, following the above guidelines. Use APA headings and subheadings as paper dictates.

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