This is a paper that is focusing on the Fabrics Inc training program development analysis. The paper also provides a brief description of a case scenario for the organization.

The Fabrics Inc training program development analysis

Needs Analysis (Chapter 4)
Chapter 4 presents the needs analysis, the beginning of a step-by-step process for developing a training program, for this small fabrications company.
1.   Critique the organizational analysis conducted for Fabrics, Inc. and determine if there are other questions that should have been asked.
2.   Review the operational analysis done through the interview. Note that it was not completed.
3.   Generate some of the other questions that should be asked.
The Training Program (Fabrics, Inc.)
This section is the beginning of a step-by-step process for developing a training program for a small fabrications company. Here, we examine the TNA for the program, and in subsequent chapters, we will continue the process through to the evaluation.

Fabrics, Inc., once a small organization, recently experienced an incredible growth. Only two years ago, the owner was also the supervisor of 40 employees. Now it is a firm that employs more than 200. The fast growth proved good for some, with the opportunity for advancement. The owner called a consultant to help him with a few problems that emerged with the fast growth.
“I seem to have trouble keeping my mold makers and some other key employees,” he said. “They are in demand, and although I am competitive regarding money, I think the new supervisors are not treating them well. Also, I received some complaints from customers about the way supervisors talk to them.

The supervisors were all promoted from within, without any formal training in supervising employees.They know their stuff regarding the work the employees are doing, so they are able to help  employees who are having problems.However, they seem to get into arguments easily, and I hear a lot of yelling going on in the plant. When we were smaller, I looked after the supervisory responsibilities myself and never found a reason to yell at the  employees, so I think the supervisors need some training in effective ways to deal with employees. I only have nine supervisors—could you give them some sort of training to be better?”

The Fabrics Inc training program development analysis

The consultant responded, “If you want to be sure that we deal with the problem, it would be useful to determine what issues are treating the problems and, from that, recommend a course of action.”
“Actually, I talked to a few other vendors and they indicate they have some traditional basic supervisor training packages that would fit our needs and, therefore, they could start right away. I really want this fixed fast,” the owner said.

“Well, I can understand that, but you do want to be sure that the training you get is relevant to the problems you experienced;otherwise, it is a waste of money. How about I simply contract to do a training needs analysis and give you a report of the findings?Then, based on this information, you can decide whether any of the other vendors or the training I can    provide best    fits your needs in terms of relevancy and cost.
“How long would that take?” the owner asked.
“It requires that I talk to you in a bit more detail, as well as to those involved; some of the supervisors and subordinates. The owner asked how much it would cost, and after negotiating for 15 minutes, agreed to the project.

They returned to the office to write up the contract fora needs analysis.
The interview with the owner (who was also the manager of all the first line supervisors) was scheduled first and included an organizational and operational analysis. What follows is an edited version of the questions related to the organizational analysis.

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