This is a paper that is focusing on the Hilton Company current and recent strategic performance. The paper also provides the guidelines of how to structure the assignment paper.

The Hilton Company current and recent strategic performance

Overall aim:
To choose an organization from the world of hospitality and tourism –  “The Hilton Company” and carry out an analysis of their current and recent strategic performance, relating the strategies employed back to the core concepts of strategic management.

Firstly, interpret current hospitality trends and shifts in terms of emerging markets, and changing market foci.
Secondly, critically appraise the hospitality industry and their participant firms, and their opportunities and challenges for business development, strategy implementation and the development of competitive advantage
Thirdly, discriminate the use of core models of strategy in their application in the current practices of market entry, growth strategies and current industry trends in strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions.
Fourthly, evaluate a corporate organisation from the world of hospitality. Use appropriate corporate and industry data, to arrive at the identification of business-critical performance and its impact on long-term business strategies.


1. Introduction
The organization is to be presented with a brief explanation of their core business and the markets in which they operate. A lengthy history of the organization is specifically not required unless relevant to significant strategic changes over a given period of time. (200 words)

2. Main body
Presentation of core corporate data for a minimum of the last 5 years, with associated analysis. This must include both quantitative and qualitative data. This data is to be analysed in relation to core theoretical frameworks/theories.
–       Use 3 theories/frameworks SWOT, PESTLE, 5 Porters Forces and also apply to the Hilton company. Talk about the purpose of each theory and the limitations.

–       The data selected must include some industry data that allows for a broader perspective of market and industry trends and of the company’s market competitiveness and positioning.  Corporate and industry data: that shows what happened in the company for the last 5 yeas according to the strategies they use, how the company grew up and the revenue.
!!! IMPORTANT!!! BASED THE DATA ON EVIDENCE ONLY!!!! (1500 words including data )

3. Key Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclusions should be either in a summary format in this final section. Also, the Key Findings presented in this section or (ideally) in the appropriate sections of the main body. They should then allow for an assessment of the company’s current and future plans for growth, with recommendations as to these future development opportunities. AS AN EXAMPLE:  what should they do to improve the strategy or they should keep following the strategy. (300 words)
4. References
Data and any reference to academic theories should be referenced in text and supported by a reference list (APA referencing)

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