This is a paper that is focusing on the historical civilization from prehistory to 1500 CE. The paper also provides the learning outcomes for achieving in this assignment paper.

The historical civilization from prehistory to 1500 CE

Throughout this course, you examined the development of human civilization from the late Neolithic Era to about 1500 CE. You should now be acquainted with major trends and developments in world history. From the many perspectives with which historians view the past. The course began with the emergence of the earliest civilizations at approximately 5000 BCE. Later, it proceeded through a survey of key societies and states around the globe, both in Afro-Eurasia and in the Americas. It devoted attention not only to the characteristics of individual civilizations. But also to the interactions among civilizations and the ways they can be compared and contrasted. As you examine the ancient, classical, and medieval periods, you will offer your ideas about the development of connections between peoples and the trend toward larger political states and empires.

For the final project, you will examine three separate states or empires in Africa, Asia, Europe. Or the Americas to finish the statement, “Humans created societies, states, and empires from the late Neolithic period to 1500 CE in order to…”. You will critically analyze ideas and information from both primary and secondary sources. Also, develop arguments based on those materials, and communicate your ideas and arguments in a thesis-driven essay. You will complete milestone assignments that will result in submitting a polished research paper that demonstrates your understanding of the reasons humans created societies, states, and empires.

The historical civilization from prehistory to 1500 CE

This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:
Firstly, articulate the origins, development, and participants of major historical civilizations from prehistory to 1500 in terms of continuity, change, and causation
Secondly, determine the significance of major historical events from prehistory to 1500 and their relationship to prominent historical trends
Thirdly, incorporate relevant evidence from primary and secondary sources to logically support historical claims about civilizations from prehistory to 1500
Fourthly, draw basic conclusions about the local and global impact of civilizations from prehistory to 1500 by interpreting historical evidence

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