The History of Group Work.

Chapter 2: Write about the History of Group Work. How do Interorganizational Relationships Affect Groups (pg.39). Explain Rehabilitation (pg.44). Do exercise on pg. 46 and write on Assessing an AgencVs Effort of Group Work. Chapter 3: Write about Group Cohesiveness and Composition (pg.57). Write about group preparation (pg. 65). Answer the 3 goals found on page 71. Chapter 4 & 5: What is careful listening (pg.85)? Write about Problems in Group Beginnings (pg.90). Write about Group Processes and what they consist of (pg.104). Write about Utilizing Tasks and Activities (pg.126). How can you enhance Group Problem Solving (pg.123)? Rephrase the summary of chapter 5. CHAPTER 6: What is The Concept of Therapeutic Factors (pg.138)? What is Altruism? (pg.143). What is Self-Disclosure (pg.149). What is Catharsis (pg.148)? Chapter 7: Explain One-to-One interactions (pg.155). What are some Factors Affecting Use of Group (pg.161). Explain Techniques for changing Individual Actions (pg.165). What does an Individual Change Planning and Assessment Form ask for? (pg.175). Chapter 8: Explain Strategies for Environmental Changes (pg.181). Explain the Use of Influentials (pg.184). What is Resistance (pg.185)? Chapter 9: Name and explain the Psychological Instruments involved (pg.197) What is Group Recording (pg.198)? Give brief summary. Chapter 10: Explain Members’ Evaluation of the Group (pg.211). How do you Utilize Skills in a Variety of Circumstances (pg.215)? Explain Special Termination Issues (pg.217). Chapter 11: What are some of the Pregroup Tasks (pg. 233)? Write about the evaluation on page 229. Write about the Sixth Meeting (pg.231). Chapter 12: List all of the Goal Pursuit Tasks (pg.240). What is the evaluation (pg.242). Explain Analysis and Summary (pg.244-5). Chapter 13: What is the set of principles outlines in this chapter, be specific (pg.248-9)? Use example on gage 258 and explain in detail. In your own words write a summary of this chapter (pg.260). Chapter 14: Write about structured learning therapy (pg.267). What is “here and Now” (pg.269). What are transition groups (pg. 271)? Write in detail about the first meeting as described on page 274. Explain the Analysis given. Chapter 15: What is a group worker? (pg.278). What should group workers consider when dealing with different group compositions? (pg.280). Explain the example given on page 286. Discuss in detail the summary at the conclusion of the chapter. Chapter 16: Explain the structure of a meeting as defined on page 291. Explain the role of staff roles (pg.293). What is an evaluation as explain3ed in (pg.299), explaining the membership, mission, etc. Up until pg. 300. Rewrite summary. APPLY FOR THIS CASE

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