The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros


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In your book review, make sure you cover the following points: INTRODUCTION The introductory paragraph should include: • bibliographic information about the book o title o author o publisher o place of publication o date of publication o the reviewer’s opinion of the book. BODY PARAGRAPHS The body paragraphs generally include: • a brief summary of the book • details on characters, setting, and plot. • exploration of style, language, and theme • very concrete material that supports the reviewer’s opinion of the book’s strengths and weaknesses. The body paragraphs may also include: • comparison and contrast to similar pieces. • connections to literary trends. • background material about the author and his/her other works. • information that defines the expertise of the reviewer. CONCLUSION The conclusion should: • reiterate the main points the reviewer has made. • leave the reader with a clear and memorable impression of the work reviewed. TEACHING IDEAS • How would you use this text in a classroom? Be specific. What canonical texts could you pair it with; what themes, topics, ideas would you plan lessons around? What writing or research assignment seem flow naturally from this text? If you would not use the book in the classroom, explain why.

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