The Human Phylogenetic Tree


Begin by visiting The Smithsonian asks, “What does it mean to be human?” Below the webpage title, drag your cursor over the words “Human Evolution Evidence.” A window of topics will appear, from which you will need to choose, “Human Family Tree.” What is this arboreal image trying to tell us? It’s interactive, so if you scroll over each of your hominin ancestors from the bottom up, you’ll be tracing your genetic heritage back seven million years up to the present day. Now look carefully at the Tables on pages 27-29 in Chapter 2 of your textbook for clues about what was happening to the climate over that time. How were your hominin ancestors affected, and in what ways did they adapt? Using all of the information you’ve acquired from your research, write a two-page chronology (ordered in time) of the relationship between each of the species and their respective environments, paying special attention to how their bodies, brains, and behaviors changed over time. In an evolutionary sense, all of these things are deeply intertwined, as much then as they are today. AAAGuide_2018.pdf guide-for-writing-in-anthropology-pdf.pdf

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