The Impaired Nurse The paper is addressed to lobbying law legislators regarding proposing solutions and laws for addressing the problem of the impaired nurse in the workplace, paper must be persuasive for support funding. must be 8 pages, 8 pages does not include cover page or reference page!!! 5 peer reviewed references, paper must be APA style Critical Analysis: Per the grading rubric: 40% of the grade includes: Present an exemplary articulation and insightful critical analysis of the impaired nurse. Ideas must be professionally sound and supported by scientific evidence that is credible and timely (published, peer-reviewed, within the last five years). Think deeper for an insightful and comprehensive understanding to include conclusions and solutions regarding the topic. Content: Per the grading rubric, 40% of the grade includes: Make insightful, clear, and accurate connections to importance of lobbying legislators or local government for support funding. Include detailed and specific examples regarding affect on current clinical practice settings. Paper will be written in APA format with a minimum of 4-5 peer-reviewed articles as references. Paper will need to be professionally and scholarly written demonstrating higher learning & education. Use spell check! Create a well-developed, comprehensive paper that is 6-8 pages in length, title and reference pages do not count towards the eight pages.

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