This is a paper that is focusing on the maternal leave or childcare comparison in countries. The paper also provides additional details to use in writing the assignment paper.

The maternal leave or childcare comparison in countries

For this paper you should choose a topic in which you are interested and would like to examine in more detail. You can focus on an issue such as maternity leave or childcare and compare specific countries, or you could do a case study and just focus on one country, such as examining the US and thinking about why we are the ONLY major developed democratic country without it.  You could look at women and globalization and their position in the global economy focusing on women in developing countries and their roles in factories such as in China. Or you could look at issues relating to globalization and migration and the role of migrant women often in the informal economy. Really it can be anything we have specifically dealt with or something you are interested in, but the text did not cover.

Make sure you paper is research based rather than an opinion piece, for example, if you chose abortion, try to focus on something like,
comparing Ireland to the United States or focusing on specific policies and legal efforts in the US, maybe comparing state laws.  Do not just give me an opinion essay in support of, or opposing abortion.

The maternal leave or childcare comparison in countries

Assignment Details:
The paper should be 4-5 pages, typed, double spaced, 12pt font, 1inch margins. In addition to the text which you can use as a resource. You should have at least 4 ACADEMIC articles, book chapters or books as a resource. What counts as an academic reference? Things like journal articles, books and book chapters, UN reports, policy papers and reports from non-governmental organizations or research institutions. Try to stay away from newspaper or other on- line brief news items as references (they can certainly be additional references if you want). In addition to these types of references you can site documentary videos, films or audio podcasts. Obviously, you will be accessing these resources on-line, so I anticipate that most of your references will be articles rather than books, unless the books are available on-line.

Suggested steps for your writing process
1) Firstly, choose a topic (try to have a topic by 5/5)
2) Secondly, think of a research question, what specifically are you going to look at?
3) Thirdly, do some preliminary research—look at the resources at the end of the chapter that covers your topic for a start. Look at some on-line data and articles.
4) Fourthly, revise your research question if necessary
5)      5)Create a preliminary outline
6)      6) Write an introductory paragraph based on your preliminary research and your research question. What is the issue or problem you are looking at?
7)      7) Conduct your research, revise your outline, fill in some more details
8)      8) Draft your paper
9)      9) Revise your paper

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