Understand that the Medfield case has 2 major problems: 1) Firm Valuation – Impact of Patent Loss and Reformulation; 2) Ethical Considerations – How to Ensure Organize your paper around the case questions. Use them as an organizing devise. This will benefit you in several ways: 1) provide a framework for constructing your paper; 2) ensure I (your reader) understand exactly what question you are answering; 3) ensure you answer every question. **Routinely students try to conflate (mix together) questions so they don’t have to answer questions that require more effort than they are willing to put in** You can’t do that in this course without REDUCING YOUR PAPER GRADE. IN SOME CASES, THE PAPER WILL BE SENT BACK TO YOU TO REWRITE. Do NOT search on Medfield Pharma. The world you need to consider is everything in the case and the readings you were given in weeks 12 through 14. DO include the Medfield pharma case as a reading. TOTAL READINGS IN YOUR REFERENCE LIST: 8. Use examples from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and other firms in EXHIBIT 3 or readings in weeks 12 to 14 to substantiate your thought. 1. What is the current value of Medfield as a company? 2. How much value would Medfield lose if reformulation is not pursued? Analyze loss for next 15 years. 3. What is the value that would be created by a reformulation? 4. What factors explain the value created from the reformulation? 5. Who reaps the financial benefits? 6. Who bears the financial costs? IF YOU CHOOSE REFORMULATION: 7. What facts would change your mind and cause you to recommend against reformulation? . 8. How would you change your thinking if Medfield’s reformulation approach were more substantive (e.g. drug works faster, works longer) than cosmetic? 9. Could Medfield use the extra value created by the reformulation to generate new and helpful products? 10. When you consider Medfield’s stakeholders, what are the key issues for each of the following: 1. Shareholders of Medfield 2. Patients using the drug 3. Third-party payees (Medicare, private insurance companies, etc.) 4. Government 5. Employees of Medfield 6. Physicians 11. What ethical issues need to be considered in making a reformulation decision? Which are more pressing? 12. What should Susan Johnson do? Explain your choice of a, b, c, or d. If you have another approach, discuss it here. 1. Don’t pursue the reformulation, but accept takeover offer 2. Initiate the reformulation and accept the offer 3. Refuse the offer but initiate reformulation 4. Refuse the offer and not reformulat

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