Paper: Character, Conflict , Setting, Point of View and Central Idea :a paper of 6 paragraphs/@600 -800 words The story: “The Open Window” by H. H. Munro

1. Introduction (mention story and author’s name; brief summary). 2. Analyze character. Describe main character and explain if character is static or dynamic. If character is static, explain what insight he/she fails to gain. If dynamic, explain what insight character gains 3. Identify and analyze the conflict in the story. Identify the external and internal conflict if both exist 4. Analyze the setting. Explain whether the setting is specific or general and what about the setting contributes to the central idea or conflict in the story 5. Identify the point of view of the story (first person, third person etc…) and explain how it is appropriate to the story. 6. State theme and central idea of story. Theme of story is the general category/subject of story. Central idea is the statement this story makes on the theme

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