The paper should be about 8-10 pages in length not including the cover and reference pages.
You should have a minimum of six (6) references from peer-reviewed journals, written between the last three to five years, unless you are using a seminal article.

The paper needs to include the following sections:

use the a, b, c, as headings

A. Introduction
    Rationale for the clinical component in the curriculum
    Your goals in this course
    Description of clinical site and population
    Reason for your choice
B. Literature review
    Determinants of health
    Healthy people initiative
    Growth and developmental level of the population
    Any health equity or literacy issues identified with the population
C. Pathophysiology of the disorder
    Risk factors
    If risk factors are modifiable at what point along the lifespan could this action occur and rationale
    Current treatment guidelines
D. Assessment (choose one patient)
    Abnormal findings
    Quality of life
    Nursing focus
E. Pharmacology
    Choose one specific class of medication
    Discuss evidence based guidelines for use
    Expected treatment outcomes
F. Patient teaching
    Identify patient knowledge deficits
    Choice of a theory to produce a behavioral change and rationale for choice
    Teaching plan
    Evaluation of effectiveness
    How you might adapt your plan for a different age group
G. Conclusion 

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