Take a particular media – TV show (i.e., children’s cartoon, TV news clip), movie clip, song (you can type out the lyrics), the text from a blog, cartoon, etc. and complete the following:

1) A brief description of the media you are analyzing
2) Who is the primary audience of the media
3) The number of violent acts in the media
4) The nature of the violent acts (physical, psychological, etc.)
5) How these acts connect to the various theories described in the readings (modeling, copycat, aggressor effect, fear of victimization effect, the conscious numbing effect, etc.)
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Note: I don’t know what was outlined in your book regarding point #5; I hope the information that I provided helps you to address this question.

(1) A brief description of the media

The media being analyzed is television. Since its inception television has been a major feature in homes and in children’s lives (Richert, Robb, & Smith, 2011). A review of the research suggests that television-viewing has a major impact on psychological development including: (a) development in social relationships with on-screen characters, developing perceptions of others from television actors, and their symbolic understanding of information off the screen. For example, in one study a-slow-paced television cartoon was presented for analysis, which was identified as a very popular fantastical cartoon about an animated sponge that lived under the water.

(2) The primary audience of the media

The television show was the cartoon of Sponge Bob Square pants whose primary audience is children. Sponge Bob has captured the imagination of children Studies have been presented focused on the influence of the media, and the psychosocial development of children and adolescents. For example, Conners-Burrow, McKelvey, & Russell (2011) examined the relationship between preschool children social media habits and classroom outcomes. As they point out, in most families media viewing is an integral part of daily life. Recent studies show that younger children in the United States watch an average of 2 to 3 hours of …

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