The Reclassification of Major Sources as Area Sources Under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act

write about the argument and market failure of reclassification of Major Sources as Area Sources Under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act. Website( For this assignment (, you will take a position on whether a market failure is responsible for the development of this rule. For you to successfully complete this assignment (, you’ll need a nuanced understanding of existing kinds of market failure and how they may apply to your proposed rule. ● Your introductory paragraph: introduce your rule and your yes/no claim of market failure. If you are identifying a market failure as responsible for the proposed rule, identify which market failure it is. ● Your first body paragraph should provide support for your claim using evidence provided from, class notes, and other reputable informational websites. ● Your second body paragraph should explain and support a counterclaim or best possible objection to your argument. If you answered “yes” above, then consider thinking about what your best possible “no” response would be. If that is impossible, then consider what alternative market failures may be responsible for this rule’s proposal. You may consider other factors that are driving governmental intervention. Provide evidence for whichever counterclaim you are making. Whichever direction you take, it must be the best possible objection to your own argument. This is the most challenging section of the assignment ( as it requires you to think outside of your own operating logic. ● Your third body paragraph should rebut the counterclaim and establish the superiority of your position. Do not repeat the arguments made in the initial supporting paragraph, but rather point out the inherent flaws of the counterclaim. It will also allow for you to introduce new information as well. Consider the following: ○ “Attack” the assumptions that the counterclaim is making ○ “Attack” the omissions that the counterclaim may have ○ Your own clever “attack” ● Your conclusion should clearly articulate your reader’s “take-away.” How should this discussion of market failure shape their outlook and/or their actions? Formatting: 750-1000 words, 12 pt Times New Roman Single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs; 1” margins on all sides APA citations where needed and works cited/references page

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