The Sun Top Nursing Home is currently a 100-bed facility located in a two-story building. Due to demand, two additional two-story buildings will be opening within the next two years. When completed, the units will be 1North, 2 North, 1 East, 2 East, 1 West, and 2 West.

The chief nursing officer /director of quality improvement is concerned that as the facility expands, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Long Stay Quality Measures results will reflect negatively upon the facility. The quality of care of the facility is good, but documentation in the MDS 3.0 is often with errors or omissions. The chief nursing officer requested assistance in comparing the MDS 3.0 documentation with information abstracted after the resident’s discharge in preparation to a new training initiative for the staff hiring anticipated with the building expansion.

1.Review the quality indicators and select two of the quality measures.

Quality Measures:

*Percent of Residents Who Have Depressive Symptoms (Long Stay)

*Percent of Long-Stay Residents Who Received An Antipsychotic Medication

2.Create a proposal to compare and contrast the MDS 3.0 findings with the information abstracted after the resident’s discharge.

a.Determine the number of resident cases to be used in the study.

b. Identify the codes abstracted from the residents’ health records related to each selected quality measure.

c. Identify data that is not currently abstracted from the health records related to each selected quality measure.

d. Outline the end of study report format.

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