This is a paper that focuses on the tackling of social exclusion program initiative designing proposal. The paper also provides the details of the expectations of the assignment paper.

The tackling of social exclusion program initiative designing proposal

This task requires students write a proposal for a program initiative designed to tackle social exclusion. The issue should be one which you have identified from Topics 8-11 in this unit. These topics were

Disasters and their impacts

Detailed expectations
This assignment will require you to develop a proposal for a program which could be a submission to the manager of a service which employs social workers. You will need to identify your organisation (which can be fictitious). Also, develop an initial proposal to challenge social exclusion by addressing issues associated with Topics 8-11 (as listed above). The proposal must be within the broad mandate of work for the particular organisation.

First of all, you will need to identify and issue which needs addressing. Also, what your initiative is that will address this issue. In or hew words, you need to identify a problem and a clear overview of the program such that the reader will be quickly able to gain a grasp as to what the program entails such as the program aims and target group.

Next, having provided an overview, you need to describe how the program will be operationalized. This involves descriptive details about what will actually happen, including how you will recruit participants, what they will be involved with and some idea about resourcing. A detailed budget is not required but some idea as to staff time required. Also, whether this program could be undertaken by existing staff or require new staff is required. If there are considerable non-staff costs, some idea as to what these are should also be noted.

The tackling of social exclusion program initiative designing proposal

The majority of your assignment (around 2000 words) should be your rationale for this program which should be by relevant literature about your target group and about the program you are proposing. In other words, you need to provide your view as to why this is an appropriate program to address social exclusion with your selected issue. While it is possible to indicate that the issue was identified through your work with service users of the organisation, no specific reference should be made to any individual in the video. You should include comparisons with other relevant initiatives (past or elsewhere) which have sought to social exclusion for similar target groups and indications as to any modifications which would need to be made in your particular context.

Developing your rationale will require using the university library to search for relevant scholarly literature. While there may be internet references which are useful, your references should not only be based on internet resources.

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