The Three-Skill Approach

The Three-Skill Approach and The Tribe Now that you are well versed in the three-skill approach to leadership and the stages of tribal leadership, discuss the following for our first question of the module: Think about all three levels of leadership covered in the three-skill approach (supervisory, middle, and top), and consider the different skill mixes required for each level (for instance, the supervisory level mix requires heavy technical skills and human skills, but it does not require heavy conceptual skills). Imagine you are responsible for making concrete suggestions that would help move an organization from Stage 2 to Stage 3 of tribal leadership, but you must use the three-skill approach to do it. 1-What suggestions would you make for the supervisory level, and why? 2-What suggestions would you make for the middle level, and why? 3-What suggestions would you make for the top level, and why? II-The Three-Skill Approach, The Skills Model, and The Tribe 4-Thinking back to the previous discussion questions (1,2,and 3) expand on your thoughts about the three-skill approach by comparing it to the skills model. How are they the same? How do they differ? How does one set leaders up better to impact tribal stages than the other? Why? Critically evaluate the responses or your peers where there is disagreement.

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