The types of construction companies, their structure and context in the construction industry and their relationships within the procurement process.


You work as a QS / estimator for a medium-sized building contractor, specialising in competitive singlestage tendering for skills-intensive, conservation and heritage type projects, with a directly employed workforce of site personnel. As an experienced construction professional, you are asked by your employer to research the potential for the company to expand their offer into construction frameworks, such as housing associations and local authorities, and modern methods of construction and procurement, utilising BIM, critical path programming and sub-contractors including those with design expertise. With reference to common contracting practices, set out the organisational structure of your current company, the changes required to achieve the company’s aspirations and the future setup of your company – specifically in terms of resources, personnel and supply chain Prepare a written ‘strategy of implementation’ including organograms of your organisation as existing and proposed. The strategy and organograms should demonstrate; • The context of how the construction industry has developed and encompasses professionalism within its structures • The scope and linkage between your company and all other parties which would be involved in the proposed offer • The type of contractual work tendered by you, as existing and proposed • The different types of construction companies, in the context of the wider market • The relationship between your construction organisation, as existing and proposed Your report should be 2500 words, fully referenced. Refer to the submission format, above

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