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The Use of Metaphors as Therapeutic Interventions

Logotherapy was founded by Viktor Frankl. The term literally means ‘therapy through meaning’ (Das, 1998), and is a very active-directive therapy to help clients overcome major loss, crises-including but not limited to: alcoholism, depression; disorders such as OCDs, phobias, eating disorders and others-the idea is to help us create and find more meaning in our lives-and for understanding the real meaning of life (Das, 1998). According to Frankl, we can find the importance and meaning of life through what we receive from life, what we take from it; and what life actually gives us: These are the experiential values; through what we offer the world, what we do, the aspects we contribute, what we actually add to life, and what we create- these are the creative values (DAS, 1998). Through the attitude we have when we are faced with adversities in which we are bound and we feel helpless-for example, if we have a terminal (late stage) illness or disease that nothing can be done. According to Frankl, posits that the only choice then-and option left for us is: one choice remains to us then-is how we choose to deal with it-our attitude going forward.

Counseling like physical sickness and …

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